Who is Deadly Penguin Games?

Our small team is driven by a passion for all forms of gaming. We are inspired by the power of games to bring people together, provide self-expression, and teach valuble skills and lessons. Whether developing an award winning roleplaying game, or building boardgames and megagames, our team has seen first hand the joy and power of games, and want to bring our passion to life. 

Join Our Social Skills Building Roleplaying Campaigns

Roleplaying Games Help Kids, Teens, and Adults "Level Up" by Providing Fun Social Activities to Build Confidence, Develop Resiliency, and Learn More About Themselves

Are you looking for online social activities to help build self-confidence and develop more social and conflict resolution skills? Deadly Penguin Games online social skills roleplaying games (RPGs) will help!

Our virtual RPG tabletop games are specifically designed by mental health and game-making experts to help your youth improve social skills, nurture self-confidence, and expand problem solving abilities. We're online and accepting participants, locally, nationally, and worldwide!

Tabletop roleplaying games, such as the well-known Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), have a decades-long history of being used to harness creativity and imagination. Our RPG games take these benefits to a whole new level. 

With built-in opportunities for skill-building and guidance from our facilitators, players will learn empathy, build relationships, and practice communication skills in a supportive, playful environment. 

Online Roleplaying Makes Critical Impacts By:

Fun At Any Age

Roleplaying games aren't just child's play! The benefits of roleplaying games aren't only reserved for children and youth! We have special groups open to adults as well!

Exciting Online Sessions

All campaigns are run through the free Roll20 tabletop simulator. This allows for flashy battle maps, interactive puzzles, and easy visualization of all the action. All you need is a computer and a microphone. 

Live Out Your Favorite Stories

Science Fiction Adventures, Fantasy Epics, Superhero Sagas, you can explore these and many other of your favorites stories. Let the adventure come to life!

Thrilling Action Scenes

Engaging Interactive Puzzles


"Thomas is excited each week to play/chat. I can hear him talking up a storm which is great for a kid that has some social anxiety."

"Max is an absolute treasure! You clearly have a fantastic staff. He's checking with my daughter made her feel like 1 million bucks! She was so excited to start camp. Max drew her out, got her thinking ,made her feel safe and really gave her permission to get excited about connecting with others imaginativly...I can't wait to see how she tries out the new rules, new social skills in the setting...I'm so excited for this opportunitiy for her!"

"My daughter is BEAMING as she comes off day one of camp...Find Max and give him a hug!!!"

Are You Ready to Begin Your Adventure?

Our sessions are open to players of all experience levels (including no experience!) We accept players from all over the globe!

To participate you will need reliable internet and a computer (preferred) or tablet with microphone. Headphones are recommended. 

Groups are limited to just 3-6 players so act quickly to reserve your spot in a campaign!

Ask about our sibling discounts and birthday parties/events!

8-Week Social Skills Online Roleplaying Campaigns

8 Week Journey of Discovery and Adventure Meeting Once a Week

Players make friends, build connections, and find adventure over the course of 8 weeks, shaping both their own characters and the world around them in an extensive and player-driven experience.

Weeklong Social Skills Online Roleplaying Camps

This Weeklong Adventure Camp Meets Daily

Players will dive deeply into a self-contained story, fully exploring and helping shape the narrative in this one-week intensive experience. 

Living World 8-Week Roleplaying Campaigns

An 8 Week Adventure that Helps Build a Shared World

Some of the 8-week campaigns will be Living World campaigns. These adventures will take place in a shared and persistent world that will grow and change with character actions across campaigns. Each campaign will be its own self-contained story but the outcomes will ripple across the shared living world.